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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - #43 Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory was my paternal 7th great grandmother. She was born in Essex, Rappahannock County, Virginia, in 1665 to John Gregory and Elizabeth Bishop. I have her siblings as Ann, Elizabeth, John, and Richard.

Mary married James Taylor in 1682. When I noticed that the date for her husband's birth was 1635 on the marriage index record on (see below), making him 30 years older than she, I thought it possible that he may have been married before or maybe the dates are wrong.

Name:Mary Gregory
Birth Place:VA
Birth Year:1665
Spouse Name:James Taylor
Spouse Birth Year:1635

According to a memorial for James, he was married twice before. His first wife is noted as Elizabeth Underwood and his second wife as Frances (no maiden name given). He had children by all three wives according to his memorial. The children he had with Mary are noted as Ann, Elizabeth, John, Mary Bishop, Edmund, James, and John Powell.

A memorial for Mary says that she died on April 30, 1698. It gives James' birth as 1615 and his arrival in America as 1635. It notes Frances Walker as his only other wife, and the death date for Frances is given as 1680.

The only children I have listed for Mary are Ann, Mary Bishop (1688-1779, my 6th great grandmother), and John (1696-1780).

genealogy on James Taylor lists his children by Mary Gregory as follows:

Anne b. 1685
Elizabeth b. 1685 (died in infancy)
Mary b. 1686 (died in infancy)
Mary Bishop b. 1688
Edmund b. 1690
John b. 1692 (died in infancy)
Elizabeth b. 1694
John b. 1696

The above genealogy notes that Mary's second husband was Rowland Thomas of Caroline County, Virginia.

According to the findagrave memorial noted above for James Taylor, he died on September 22, 1698. I have Mary's death date as 1747 in Bowling Green, Caroline County, Virginia. The findagrave memorial for Mary gives her death as April 30, 1698.

I did a little more research on Mary Gregory but didn't find anything definite. Several records were conflicting. One of these days, I'll get back to researching Mary and her family.

My descent from Mary Gregory:

1. Mary Gregory and James Taylor
2. Mary Bishop Taylor and Henry Pendleton
3. Elizabeth Coleman and James Pendleton
4. Martha Aubrey and Philip Pendleton
5. Martha Gilbert and  Coleman Pendleton
6. Catharine Tebeau and Philip Coleman Pendleton
7. Susan Parramore and Alexander Shaw Pendleton
8. Helen Brown and Albert S. Pendleton Sr
9. Leona Redles and Albert S. Pendleton Jr
10. me


This post is part of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge by genealogist Amy Crow at No Story Too Small.

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