Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Few Last Big House Wedding Photos

Here are the last of the photographs of my parents wedding that I scanned when I was visiting my mom this past March (see Big House Wedding, October 15, 1953, and More Big House Wedding Photos).

SCAN1696 enhanced

Above are my dad (Albert S. Pendleton, Jr.) and my mom (Leona Redles) cutting their cake. He’s so handsome and she’s so beautiful!


SCAN1702 enhanced

Mom has tossed her bridal bouquet from the staircase in the entry hall of the Big House.


SCAN1709 enhanced

Running down the front steps of the Big House to the car to head out on their honeymoon in Atlanta.

I was born a little over a year later. In 2003, my parents had their 50th wedding anniversary here at the Big House where my dad proposed and where they tied the knot.


Monday, August 20, 2012

More Big House Wedding Photos, October 15, 1953

Here are some more photographs from my parents 1953 wedding (also see my previous post, Big House Wedding, October 15, 1953). I’ve always loved looking at these photos! (Click on each photo for a larger view.)

SCAN1675 enhanced
In the above photo, left to right: Edith Roberts (our cousin), Mac McClure (my dad’s friend), Catherine Redles (my mom’s sister), my mom the bride (Leona Redles), my dad the groom (Albert S. Pendleton, Jr.), William Frederick Pendleton (my dad’s brother), Laurie White (my mom’s friend), Charles Joyner (married to my dad’s sister Clyde Thomas), and Mary Remer Parramore (our cousin).

SCAN1683 enhanced
In the above, on the left are my paternal grandparents Albert Sidney and Helen (Brown Thomas) Pendleton. On the right are my maternal grandmother Leona (Roberts) Redles and her brother William Leland Roberts (my Uncle Big Bubba).

SCAN1689 enhanced
Here are some of the Roberts clan: Seated, left to right, Margaret (Roberts) Graham, Maie Dell (Roberts) Covington, Stella (Roberts) Pendleton, Laurie White, Mary Remer Parramore, Edwina Roberts (toward the back between my mom and dad), Edith Roberts, and Catherine Redles. Standing, left to right, William Leland Roberts, Kathleen (Roberts) Winn, my dad Albert S. Pendleton, Jr., my mom Leona Redles, my grandmother Leona (Roberts) Redles, Lilla Kate Parramore, Mary Remer (Roberts) Parramore, Abial Winn, and Redden Parramore.

All of these photographs were taken in the parlor at the Big House.