Thursday, August 4, 2011

Common Names in My Family

I've been doing some research on my paternal 3rd great grandfather Aaron Brown (b. 1800-1803 North Carolina, d. 1872 Covington County Alabama) to see if I could figure out where he actually came from in North Carolina and who his parents and/or siblings were.  He just "shows up" in Elbert County Georgia.  He marries Elizabeth Bashaba Cook in Elbert County in 1819 and by the 1820 census, they have one son (presumably my 2nd great grandfather William Jackson Brown).  I started by scrolling through the 1820 Elbert County Georgia and the 1830 Monroe County Georgia (where they've moved by 1830) census records looking for any other Browns (besides Aaron), when I got to thinking about some of the common names in my family that make it challenging to do research: Adams, Brown, Cook, Roberts.  I thought it wouldn't be too hard to research the Pendletons, but when the same first names are used over and over (Henry, James, Philip), it's sometimes hard to figure out which record refers to whom.


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