Wednesday, December 24, 2014

52 Weeks of Sharing Our Memories - Favorite Christmas Presents

This post is part of the 52 Weeks of Writing our Memories by Lorine McGinnis Schulze at Olive Tree Genealogy who has challenged us to write our memories for our future generations.

It's hard to decide which was my favorite Christmas present when I was a kid. I always loved getting dolls. One Christmas I got a nurse's hat, cap, and doctor kit that I loved. Another Christmas I got a majorette uniform, white boots, and baton that I also loved. And another Christmas I got a puppy that I named Lulu after my uncle Louis (my dad's friend). When I was a teenager, I got a radio inside a stuffed toy.

Here I am at Christmas 1957 with my paternal grandmother Helen (Brown) Thomas Pendleton and my new doll carriage. I'm sure I got a new doll to push around in it, too. This was taken at our old house on Alden Avenue.

Here I am in my new majorette uniform and boots with my new doll that I got for Christmas. This was Christmas day 1961. Taken at the J.T. Roberts house.

I'm sure I had a new favorite present each year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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