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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - #18 Elizabeth Densler

I have very little information about my 4th paternal great grandmother Elizabeth Densler, and I haven't done any research (yet). She may have been born around 1760. Her parents were Henry Densler and Catherine Barbara (I don't know if that's her middle name or maiden name). The Denslers were  part of the Salzburger migration (beginning in the early 1730s) from the area of modern day Austria who settled in the Salzburger community of New Ebenezer in Effingham County, Georgia. Elizabeth was probably born here.

Effingham County, Georgia, as of 1825 (map from

Elizabeth married Christian Lebreth Dasher, also a Salzburger descendant, sometime before 1786, as that's the year my 3rd great grandfather Christian Herman Dasher was born. I have him listed as their eldest child. Their other children were Rosanna (1788-?), Elizabeth (1790-?), John (1792-?), Catherine (1794-?), and Gottlieb (1799-1873). There may have been another son named Samuel.

I found a typed transcription on of Christian's will which says the will was dated October 18, 1808, and probated on April 3, 1809. Since Elizabeth is mentioned in his will, she must have died at least after the will was probated. They were still living in Effingham County when Christian died.


This post is part of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge by genealogist Amy Crow at No Story Too Small.


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